3D Solid Modeling

3D Solid Modeling

GeoCreate contains an extensive set of tools for creating 3D models:

Extrude: Create a solid part by extruding a closed 2D-sketch up to a distance. In addition, the extruded object can be automatically intersected with a target face, to easily build complicated models.

Sweep: Easy create tubes or pipes by sweeping a closed 2D-sketch along a path.

Revolve: Rotate a 2D profile along a rotational axis to create solid part.

Loft: Easily create complicated shapes by making a transition between a set of 2D profiles.

Holes: Cut holes in existing solid parts by defining the 2D circular profile and extruding.

Booleans: Fast & robust combination of multiple solid parts together by applying ADD, SUBTRACT or COMMON boolean operations.

Patterns: Create multiple instances of one or more 3D features. GeoCreate supports three types of patterns: Linear, Rotational and Mirror.