Geometric Kernel

Geometric Kernel

GeoCreate features its own, home-developed geometric kernel, which serves as the underlying foundation for NURBS support.

The geometric kernel offers a wide set of functions and features for 2D sketching and 3D solid modeling, such as:

Analytic NURBS shapes:  Creation/editing of  a box, cylinder, cone, sphere and torus using geometric parameters.

Surface triangulation: High-quality watertight triangulation of trimmed NURBS surfaces. The triangulation can be used for either visualization or for exporting your model in STL format.

Boolean operations: Fast and robust combination of multiple solid models by applying ADD, COMBINE or SUBTRACT operations. Allows the user to easily construct complicated models by combining various separate modules together.

Curve/Surface interpolation: Construction of NURBS curves/surfaces by interpolating an input set of points. The interpolated curve/surface is guaranteed to pass through the set of points within tolerance.

Curve/Surface projection: Fast and accurate projection of a 3D point into the parametric space of a NURBS curve or surface.

Precise geometric computations: Accurate and robust advanced calculations including NURBS evaluation, inverse projection and intersection.

Import/export of IGES/STEP files: Support for importing a 3rd-party model saved in IGES/STEP format or exporting your own model to IGES/STEP format for usage with 3rd-party tools.